“BMW. Bayerische Motoren Werke A.-G.”

The poster was created on the occasion of the 1924 Berlin Motor Show. BMW dispensed entirely with a pictorial representation of the mentioned products. The aim was to increase the level of awareness of the company itself at the show and within its environment. Analogous to earlier advertisements, the BMW emblem plays a primary role in the design of the motif. As with a target, the unknown commercial artist concentrically extends the black ring of the logo outwards. Due to the blue and white coloured areas behind, the whole design has an extremely suggestive and almost three-dimensional, sculptural effect. Those who saw this advertisement certainly remembered the logo and the company it represented. Today, one would no longer manipulate the logo in this way. As many other posters featuring this type of design demonstrated, it was an effective means of attracting attention during that particular period. BMW was presumably very successful with this poster at the prestigious exhibition located on Berlin’s Kaiserdamm.

Historische Werbeplakate


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