When it comes to corporate, brand or product history, the BMW Group Archive is the first port of call for queries on any aspect of the BMW past. As a department of BMW Group Classic, we welcome not only owners and fans of BMW classics but also journalists, writers and researchers.

Selected areas of the BMW Group Classic are now also open to interested members of the public.

From the past through to the present and the future of Sheer Driving Pleasure: the Premium Tour gives you the whole world of BMW including BMW Museum highlights, the most interesting sections of the BMW Plant and the main areas of BMW Welt.

Only if the provenance of your classic is impeccably documented can its value be assessed. That’s where the BMW Classic Vehicle Certificate comes in. With this certificate you can have the production and delivery data of your BMW classic or recent classic (aged 20 years or over) confirmed in writing. As well as this one-page certificate, the BMW Group Archive offers a two-page version which additionally lists all the technical specifications of your vehicle.Due to maintenance the BMW Classic Vehicle Certificate order form is currently not available, but will be available again shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

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