Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Club Life
Die Leitlinien der BMW Club Gemeinschaft und detaillierte Informationen zu den Preisen und Auszeichnungen Friend of the Marque.

Club Life.


Each individual BMW club, BMW Motorrad club and MINI club is a standalone entity; their focus and orientation are independent of the brand. The clubs are subdivided by continent and region: Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. Within these groups, clubs are divided into international and national umbrella organisations. The BMW Classic and Series clubs have a separate, internationally active section. They take care of everything concerning the maintenance and restoration of classic BMW vehicles.

This global organisation for BMW motorcycle and car enthusiasts provides a unique platform for exchanging experience and knowledge. An elected council also represents the interests of the clubs. This BMW Clubs International Council consists of ca. 20 delegates, whose regional composition is determined by the respective number of members. Approximately 40 representatives from the umbrella associations meet at the annual Council meetings. They form a powerful voice and represent an important link to the BMW Group.



There are around 700 officially recognised BMW clubs with over 200,000 members, reflecting rather impressively the enduring ability of the BMW Group and its brands to captivate and entice. Together, they make up the largest club organisation in the world in the premium car and motorcycle segment. Vehicle age is not important here, with everything from lovingly restored classics to individually configured new models represented.

We provide help and support all around the world. Whether it concerns recognition of new BMW clubs or questions about club or umbrella organisation matters, BCCM is on hand to assist. We can advise you on how to organise club events, conferences or visits to BMW facilities. We also provide active assistance in redesigning emblems and publicity material.

BMW Club & Community Management – BCCM for short – is the global interface for all official BMW and BMW Motorrad clubs. BCCM is part of BMW Group Classic, and our offices are located in BMW’s historic former factory halls in Munich, a stone’s throw from the “four-cylinder” building.


The BMW club community follows a set of guidelines that are principally intended to ensure all clubs maintain a consistent public appearance. The guidelines also provide helpful answers to questions on setting up a club or club work.

This is also where you will find useful ideas and recommendations for launching a BMW club and creating its presence. There is also information on the structure of the international club organisation and the associated rights and obligations of clubs.

You can find the guidelines for the BMW club community here in the Download zone, as well as detailed information on prizes and awards, including “Friend of the Marque”, the “Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knöchlein – BMW Classic Award” and “Club of the Year”.



BMW has many fans and friends, and some of them are quite extraordinary. Their personal commitment goes far beyond the call of duty. For this reason, we acknowledge their commitment as passionate ambassadors of the BMW brand by awarding them the title of Friend of the Marque. The only requirement is that the person should be a member of a recognised BMW club.

Do you want to nominate someone exceptional as a Friend of the Marque? Nothing could be easier. Simply request the nomination form at, fill it in and send it back to us. Nomination proposals submitted by 31 January can be considered for the current year.


This prize was donated in memory of the founding president of the BMW Veteranen Club Deutschland e. V. [BMW Veterans Club, Germany], Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knöchlein.

With this award, we honour individual club members who have made a special contribution towards conserving and promoting the history of the BMW brand. The award winners are owners of BMW classic vehicles who have maintained them in immaculate condition and who make them accessible to the public.

To propose a club for the Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knöchlein – BMW Classic Award, simply request the nomination form at, fill it in and send it back to us. Nomination proposals submitted by 31 January can be considered for the current year.


The Club of the Year Award for officially recognised clubs honours outstanding performance in the field. This award acknowledges the active growth of a club, its social responsibility and exceptional dedication. For example, a club can be nominated for its organisation of independent club events, which highlight the significance of the BMW Clubs International Council or are particularly effective in promoting cooperation between BMW clubs and the BMW Group.

Only recognised clubs can be nominated by their respective umbrella association. The Club of the Year award was presented for the first time in 2012.

To propose a club for Club of the Year, simply request the nomination form at, fill it in and send it back to us. Nomination proposals submitted by 31 January can be considered for the current year.