International Council.

A powerful link.

The BMW Clubs International Council (BCIC) was officially founded in July 1981 by Helmut Werner Bönsch, president of BMW Clubs Europe e.V. at the time, and Dr Horst Avenarius from BMW AG.

The BCIC is made up of 20 delegates. 16 seats are allocated to the international BMW club umbrella organisations and four to BMW Group Classic. The regional composition of the BCIC is determined by member numbers in the individual regions. Additionally, each BMW club umbrella organisation can be joined at the Council’s Annual Meeting by an independent observer.

Approximately 40 representatives of the BMW club umbrella organisations and BMW Group Classic come together at their annual Meeting. They have a powerful voice and represent an important link between the BMW Group and BMW club federations, BMW enthusiast associations and BMW agencies / importers / subsidiaries.

International Council
International Council


The BCIC is a link between BMW clubs and the BMW Group. 

It serves as an interface between the BMW Group and all official BMW clubs, with their members and associates around the world. The BMW Clubs International Council is supported by BMW Club & Community Management located at BMW Group Classic, and the two parties maintain a productive and friendly working relationship.

The BCIC and the BMW Group recognise the outstanding dedication shown by the BMW club community through the BMW Club Awards.

International Council

The Board.

The Council is steered by the BMW Clubs International Council Board, which is elected democratically at regular intervals by the BCIC. It consists of one Council Chair and three Vice Chairpersons. 

The Chair presides over the Council’s Annual Meeting, draws up club development strategies and supports communication between the Council’s members. The Vice Chairpersons assist the Chair and the Council’s member clubs, and together they provide an interface between BMW club umbrella organisations, the BMW Group and BCCM.

The current elected members of the BCIC Board are:

  • Scott Blazey (Chairman)
  • Trevor Dean (Vice Chair Motorcycle)
  • Colin van Son (Vice Chair Classic)
  • Julio Reyes (Vice Chair Car)
International Council
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