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BMW Museum Ausstellung mit einem BMW aus Ton



The 4,000 m2permanent exhibition has around 125 of the most valuable and attractive cars, motorcycles and engines from over 100 years of BMW Group history on display.

It is located in the low-rise building, which was connected to the Museum’s circular building – affectionately known as the “Bowl” – during reconstruction work carried out between 2004 and 2008. The permanent exhibition comprises the seven exhibition houses, the Rotunda, plus the BMW Art Cars and BMW Roadsters areas.


The Museum Bowl provides an extremely prominent setting for temporary exhibitions. From 1973 until work started on the extension in 2004, the Museum consisted solely of this circular building designed by Karl Schwanzer, with its 1,000 square metres of exhibition space.

From March 2018 until spring 2021, the BMW Museum is showcasing the evolution of the BMW i brand from electric mobility to new mobility concepts, in an exhibition entitled BMW i – Visionary Mobility.


The BMW Museum consistently features special vehicles, design exhibits and prototypes drawn from the long and varied history of BMW. This includes exhibitions of photography and art, underscoring the company’s cultural involvement.

The special exhibitions can be found at several locations throughout the Museum: in the Preview area, where admission is free, in the foyer or at the foot of the circular building (the “Bowl”).

The BMW Museum has been exhibiting the BMW i MemphisStyle models since March 2018, while taking a fascinating look at the exciting and entertaining world of Memphis design.