Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Guided tours
BMW CLASSIC Museum Führung

Guided tours.

Tours through the BMW Museum.
History, background, visions.

Take a guided tour of the BMW Museum and experience the 100-year-plus history of the BMW Group, its brands and products. About 125 of the brand’s most valuable and attractive cars, motorcycles and engines are displayed across a surface area of 5,000 m².

The Combi Tour.
Two attractions, one fascinating tour.

Enjoy two attractions – the BMW Museum highlights and the main areas of BMW Welt – in a single tour.
The Combi Tour starts in BMW Welt and concludes with a tour through the BMW Museum.

The Premium Tour.
The best of all three worlds.

From the past through to the present and the future of Sheer Driving Pleasure, the Premium Tour gives you the whole world of BMW including BMW Museum highlights, the key sections of the BMW Plant and the main areas of BMW Welt.