BMW RS-500 TYP 253

BMW RS 500 TYP 253.

Year: 1956/1958
Drivers e.g.: Walter Zeller, Geoffrey Duke, Dickie Dale
Engine type: Flat-twin, DOHV
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 492 cc
Power output: 48 kW / 65 PS hp at 9 000 rpm
Top speed: > 230 km/h

Due to the ban on supercharged engines, BMW can now only offer little resistance to international competition in the first post-war years. At the IFMA (International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition) in Frankfurt (Main) in 1953, BMW presents the newly developed solo racing motorcycle RS 500 Type 253, which is based on the factory variant. "RS" stands for "Rennsport" (racing sport), and the "Type" designation represents the engine development number. With this machine, newcomer Walter Zeller is sent to compete in the most demanding and prestigious race, the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. Despite holding an impressive ninth place, he crashes in the penultimate lap. Nevertheless, both the motorsport community and the motorcycle itself leave a visible impression. In 1956, Zeller crowns his career on the same motorcycle by achieving second place in the World Championship.

BMW RS-500 TYP 253
BMW RS-500 TYP 253
BMW RS-500 TYP 253