“BMW. Winner of the International Tourist Trophy”

Paul Lang

Also on this poster, the focus is on racing success. In 1955, three BMW racing motorcycles with sidecar competed in the Sidecar TT on the Isle of Man (GB). They proved to be highly superior on the demanding island course and were able to set new records. However, these were not printed on a reusable template, but presented in modern visual imagery comprising both photography and typography. Paul Lang devoted himself entirely to the internationally acknowledged new style. Completely aligned to the soaring economy and its requirements in advertising and communication, geometrically transparent constructivist designs and path-breaking typography were adopted. Simultaneously developed in Switzerland and the USA, it is also termed as the “American-Swiss Style”. After 1945, elementary typography, abstract design, photography and conceptual thinking render the “international typographic style” one of the significant commercial arts. In terms of advertising, BMW had now caught up with the modern trends of the post-war period. 5 years later, with the launch of the “New Class”, this trend was also followed in automobile advertisements. 

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