“BMW 700. German Hillclimb Champion 1960”

Photograph: Julius Weitmann


BMW 700

This poster marked a turning point in BMW advertising history in two respects. Firstly, it was the last poster prior to the introduction of the “New Class” with which the company emerged from the crisis, rising to become a leading premium manufacturer of sporty compact automobiles. Secondly, it was one of the last posters designed by a commercial artist and which could be called a “poster” in the true sense of the word. Photography forced its way into advertising and this poster was also already a “hybrid”, the basis of which is a photograph by Julius Weitmann. In his role as a photographer and cameraman, Weitmann had an excellent understanding of how to capture a race scene. The photography resembles a film still; the beholder almost has the feeling of experiencing at first hand the moment Hans Stuck was hurtling his BMW 700 around the bend. The picture is nevertheless pin sharp, rendering every detail visible. The black and white photograph is coloured in and literally takes up the number 7 in the model designation, thereby ensuring an artistic interpretation of the scene. With the introduction of the “New Class”, a new advertising agency assumed responsibility for BMW advertising. In the new advertising language, artistic expression searched for other forms of pictorial composition. Photography, a catchy phrase and the slogan “Sheer Driving Pleasure” took the helm. An era spanning 4 decades of poster art in BMW advertising finally came to an end. 

Historische Werbeplakate


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