BMW 500 CCM TYP 255
BMW 500 CCM TYP 255

BMW 500 CCM TYP 255.

Year: 1950
Drivers: Georg Meier, Walter Zeller, Ludwig Kraus, Hans Baltisberger
Engine type: Flat-twin with vertical shafts, DOHC
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 492 cc
Power output: 32 kW / 43 hp at 7 500 rpm
Top speed: 190 km/h

After the Second World War, the successful supercharged machines of the pre-war era are only allowed to participate in national races, and supercharged engines are no longer permitted in international competitions after 1945. Until a complete redesign, the supercharger of this victorious pre-war racing machine is simply amputated, and the motorcycle is converted to a naturally aspirated dual-carburetor variant, completely sufficient in order to win the German Championship in 1951.

BMW 500 CCM TYP 255
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