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Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Elvis 507 - Seat building
Elderly man working on the seats
Seat building As you make your bed, so you must drive.


A king’s car without a seat or throne to befit that status? Unthinkable!

But unfortunately the original seat of the BMW 507 was totally worn out and could not be reproduced following a careful inspection. The leather was simply too worn out. For this reason it was decided to build the seat for Elvis’ BMW 507 completely from scratch. The challenge here: The new seat should be as true to the original as possible. The solution: lavish technology and handiwork.

Seat reupholstered

Detailed view of a seat

Seat reupholstered

Seat is covered with fabric

Mass-produced coconuts.

The original steel frame was used as the basis for the seat – after the rust was removed and it was treated and painted. The steel springs were then attached to the steel frame and a rubber coconut mat was stretched over it.

Rubber and coconuts? What sounds like a rather exotic solution was in fact standard at the time for Elvis’ BMW 507 and was used instead of the foam commonly used today. Rubber coconut is also 100 % natural, as opposed to the materials used today.

Everything in shape.

The rubber coconut mat was then stuck onto the frame and - for improved comfort - provided with a felt jacket. With careful handiwork, the material was then fitted, shaped and even sewed together by hand. In the penultimate stage, a white linen cloth was placed over the felt-coconut structure. Then it was covered with leather.

When selecting the leather, particular attention was given to selecting leather with original graining. Because this fine and also original look is best suited to the authentically restored vehicle.

All in the paintwork?

In the next step we will document the painting of the BMW 507 Elvis. We will reveal the secret of whether the car will return to the red of the Elvis period or the white of the stucco era. Stay curious!

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Painted floor group as well as front and rear of Elvis' BMW 507