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Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Elvis 507 - Heart Transplant
Overview of paint-stripped engine parts of Elvis' BMW 507

The heart of Elvis’ BMW 507.

BMW is world-famous for its top-class engines.
A special problem in the case of the BMW 507 was that, earlier in its life, its most vital organ – the engine – had been removed and replaced. The original 150 hp 3.2-litre V8 alloy engine from Bavaria had been swapped for a large-displacement Chevrolet engine. But where there’s a will there’s a way: the missing engine was simply rebuilt from component parts – to the BMW 507’s original 1957 specifications.

60 years of automotive history.

It’s almost 60 years since the first BMW 507 hit the road.
Rebuilding this engine true to its original specifications meant performing all sorts of different operations. The cylinder liners had to be reconditioned and resealed and the cylinder heads completely overhauled. The valve seats had to be remilled, the valve guides replaced and new valves ground. The crankcase had all its bearings replaced and the crankcase lubrication system was upgraded. All sealing surfaces were carefully reconditioned and smoothed, and all housings were carefully cleaned to faithfully restore the original finish. In addition, the manifolds were ceramic-coated. At the end of the day, this engine from another era had been restored to its full original splendour.

Typical BMW quality standards.

Following final assembly, the engine was then put through extensive tests on the in-house BMW engine test benches – and came through with flying colours. The rebuilt V8 was found to be running perfectly and is now awaiting installation in Elvis Presley’s BMW 507.

Restoration work on engine of Elvis' BMW 507

Detailed view of manual restoration work on engine of Elvis' BMW 507

Detailed view of restored engine of Elvis' BMW 507

Diagonal view of restored engine of Elvis' BMW 507

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Front view of restored floor assembly of Elvis' BMW 507
Underbody structure.
Side view of the paint-stripped Elvis BMW 507
Paint removal.