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Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Elvis 507 - Delivery
Worker in container with Elvis' BMW 507

Taking delivery of Elvis’ BMW 507.

For many years, the legendary BMW 507 owned by Elvis Presley was effectively registered missing. During her investigations into its whereabouts, Bimmer magazine writer Jackie Jouret encountered no end of false dawns as far as the serial number of the roadster was concerned. But her painstaking research finally unearthed the genuine number, and the trail led to a pumpkin warehouse in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco. The legendary roadster’s owner, automobile enthusiast and classic car fanatic Jack Castor, had stored it in his barn, blissfully unaware of the exalted history residing between its wheels. 

All his life, the former aerospace engineer has had a soft spot for fast, handsome, rare cars. So it’s no wonder he has accumulated a veritable treasure trove of valuable and sumptuous vehicles down the years. Indeed, alongside the Elvis roadster his hoard includes another BMW 507, a Ferrari 250 GT California and a rare Apollo sports car.

Worker in container with Elvis' BMW 507

Workers push unrestored BMW 507 towards a transport container

A legend hits the road.

When Klaus Kutscher – an expert in vintage car restoration at BMW Group Classic – pulled up in Half Moon Bay to collect the roadster in person, Castor’s collection had already been moved to a storage facility. Once Castor and Kutscher had gathered together the various parts for the roadster, still scattered here and there, the car was prepared for shipping and loaded carefully into a truck. After passing through customs at San Francisco airport, it was whisked through the sky to Munich. But that was not the end of its journey: again the precious cargo had to be transferred into a truck for the final few miles to its temporary home at BMW Group Classic. 

Before the restoration process commenced, Elvis’ 507 took to the stage one more time in front of curious fans and the wider public at the BMW Museum.

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Detailed rear view of the unrestored Elvis BMW 507
Unrestored Elvis BMW 507 in Garage