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Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Elvis 507 - Paint-Coating the Cavities
Painted floor group as well as front and rear of Elvis' BMW 507
Cavities Getting down and dirty.


As the many visitors to our website and BMW 507 fans in general will recall, the Elvis BMW 507 was in a pretty bad way when the BMW Group Classic experts got their hands on it. This sorry sight also confronted visitors to the BMW Museum, who encountered the 507 face-to-face in its pre-restoration condition as part of the special exhibition “Elvis’ BMW 507: lost & found". Rust had scarred the car’s body, leaving it riddled with holes. Now, however, you can see how the rust and corrosion have been stopped in their tracks – in the latest instalment of our special restoration report.

It’s also the inside that counts.

Having passed through a paint removal process and emerged from cathodic dip painting (CDP) – which extracted the rust from the car with painstaking care and prepared its myriad components for re-painting – the next stage for the 507 was to have its hollow areas paint-coated. These included the tricky-to-access interior and places that would be impossible to get to once the car’s outer skin has been fixed in place. Only after these areas had been paint-coated were the add-on parts fitted and the final painting stages carried out. The paint-coating process, for which standard coloured paint is used, prevents moisture from reaching the metalwork and triggering corrosion.

Detail view of painted floor assembly of Elvis' BMW 507

Side view of painted floor assembly of Elvis' BMW 507

Two workers hold the painted front of Elvis' BMW 507

Two workers hold the painted rear of Elvis' BMW 507

Bird's eye view of the painted floor assembly of Elvis' BMW 507

In good shape from the ground up.

Paint-coating cavities is an effective way of preventing the onset of corrosion. Which means the Elvis BMW 507 is now also well protected against material fatigue and signs of aging in areas that are out of sight.

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Unrestored Elvis BMW 507 in Garage
Front view of restored floor assembly of Elvis' BMW 507