BMW passion far away in the north pole.

Claus has always known exactly what he wants and now his greatest wish has come true: he has perfectly combined his passion for the BMW 5 Series touring with his day job.

The bright red BMW 525i touring (E34) is parked in front of his house in the middle of the woods far far away in the North Pole. Apart from the cold winter wind whistling through the treetops and the occasional soft sound of Rudolph the Reindeer at the back of the house, there is a deep silence. He loves the solitude and yet tells us in his soothing, deep voice, with a mischievous grin, that he is well-acquainted with “the world and his wife”. “I can't think of a better car than my BMW 525 touring”, he says, climbing in. On the narrow paths through the mountains, it was clear what he meant. He drives the car smoothly and powerfully round one bend after the next, completely relaxed and in good spirits. “I could drive like this for ever,” he says. “I love every detour.” And indeed, throughout the year, he covers endless miles when fulfilling the most far-fetched missions. “I bring happiness to others, and at the same time, driving makes me happy – so everything's right with the world,” he smiles.

Officially, he only actually works one day a year, but he's still a very busy man – on all the other days, he gets everything ready. His work involves some extreme challenges and what may seem like unsolvable tasks, not to mention a good deal of immensely complicated logistics. Does he ever get stressed out? “Never!” he exclaims, heartily slapping the dashboard of his BMW 5 Series touring. “The two of us can handle it. We've always handled it.” So it looks like Claus isn't about to call on anyone else to help out then!

A little E34 history.

The BMW 5 series sedan (E34) was launched at the beginning of 1988. The engineering of the third generation of the BMW 5 Series sedan was closely related to the second generation of the BMW 7 Series (E32), which was launched a short time before. It was designed by Ercole Spada under the guidance of BMW chief designer Claus Luthe. Some people say the best part about the BMW 5 Series (E34) was the way it handled. The BMW 5 series touring, launched in 1991, had the same characteristics. Not only was it comfortable and supple, but really enjoyable to drive. The range of engines comprised diesel and petrol engines with power ranging from 113 hp to 340 hp. E.g. V8 engines and four-wheel drive were supplied for the first time in a BMW 5 Series. Production ended for the sedan in December 1995 and touring in June 1996, with 1,333,412 units being built in total.

A difficult search

Claus, who has already driven many BMWs in his time, was particularly enamoured with the BMW 525 touring because it was so spacious. He simply had to get one, preferably in reindeer-nose-red. However, far far away in the lonely North Pole, the search was not easy, in fact it was almost hopeless. Claus, who is usually able to get hold of the craziest things, was really pushed to his limits. “I've only done this once, and only for this actual BMW,” Claus admits with a broad grin. Thanks to his job, he knows people in the right places when it comes to meeting special requests. So Claus sent himself his own wish list. And lo and behold, one fine morning, a BMW 525i touring (E34) was parked in front of his door step. “It's quite simply the ideal car for a sporty Santa Clausdriver like myself,” says Claus, very pleased with himself. But on Christmas Eve – his only official working day of the year – Claus drives a different vehicle – for traditional reasons, of course.

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