Love at First Sight.

BMW Classic goes East.

All around the world there are people who have a great passion for BMW Classic cars. From all over Europe, the Americas in the West and to Asia in the East there are a great number of enthusiasts who have a strong relationship with BMW Group Classic.

Definitely among the most loyal customers is Masakuni Hosobuchi, or “Buchi” as he prefers to be called, who lives just outside Tokyo in Japan. His history with the Bavarian automaker goes all the way back to 1976, when his father purchased a BMW 320i. Just two years later, Buchi got his driver’s license so this 320i essentially became the first car he got to drive. He has continued to buy many more BMW cars since then, and today he is the proud owner of one of the largest privately held collections of BMW M cars.

A Lifelong Impression.

Buchi is a man of many accomplishments, from participating in the 1981 World Rowing Championship in Munich, Germany, to later becoming a highly successful businessman in his home country of Japan.

It was his time in Munich though, in 1981, that left a lasting impression on him. He stayed in the city for three months and had a chance to really experience Bavarian culture. Many things were rather foreign to him, but he quickly learned to appreciate them. And of course BMW was a big part of the city experience as well. Buchi saw the cylinder-shaped headquarters for the first time, and close to the rowing canal where he was training with his Japanese team there was a BMW test track. He already had a liking for the brand before, but his stay in Munich certainly created an even stronger bond with BMW; one that would last to this very day.

The Past, Present, and Future.

Tradition is very important to Buchi and his family. They have been living in his hometown for 500 years, with Buchi being the 25th generation to carry on the family affairs. The house he lives in with his family is registered as a cultural asset and it truly is a very special setting.

Tucked away behind the large modern structures where Buchi operates his business, this traditional house with an original Japanese garden seems like it has been transported via time machine from hundreds of years ago. Around this spacious compound, Buchi keeps some of the many BMW cars he owns, with quite a few of them being among the rarest and most collectible models.

Just like he embraces his own family tradition, Buchi appreciates the BMW brand with its long history and constant care for the brand tradition.

BMW Club Japan.

Buchi has a very strong relationship with BMW Group Classic, since many of his cars have been transported all the way to Munich in case when there was a need for major services. He takes very good care of his extensive collection and BMW Group Classic is the perfect partner to provide all the assistance he needs.

Buchi is also very involved with BMW Club Japan, which is a home for all Japanese fans of the brand. He wants to help expand BMW’s brand recognition in Japan and communicate the long history behind it. The way Buchi sees it, BMW has a rich history of more than a hundred years which is the foundation for many hundreds of years of history to come. He wants to do everything he can to help build this future while he takes care of his current collection, which is always growing with any new exciting BMW model becoming available.

Looking Ahead.

BMW is always looking to improve itself, both as a company and as a brand, since there are constantly new technologies and challenges for any major car manufacturer.

Buchi agrees with the course the Bavarians are on, a course that sets them up for sustainability and success. He hopes that BMW will continue to forge strong bonds with future generations of car enthusiasts, the same way he became a passionate fan of the brand when he was a young man years ago.

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