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BMW in the blood.

Munich, Germany, is a city of many attractions. From the popular Oktoberfest and beautiful English Garden to some of the biggest companies in the world; together, they have made the capital of Bavaria famous all around the globe.

Growing up in Munich, it is easy to become a fan of the iconic BMW brand from early childhood. Just ask Klaus Kutscher, who became fascinated with BMW cars and motorcycles at a young age. He would watch all sorts of professional motor racing and saw BMW record many hard-fought victories. He was a proud supporter of his home brand. When Klaus had to decide what to do with his life, it was an obvious decision to look for work at BMW. That was 44 years ago – and Klaus has been with the Bavarian carmaker ever since. He appreciates his good fortune in being able to turn his passion into a living.

The perfect job.

The BMW Museum needed someone to oversee its workshop, which handled both the cars already on display and new ones arriving from all over. Many needed extensive restoration and all of them had to be maintained properly to satisfy the high standards of the BMW Museum.

Klaus got the job and has now been working on classic BMW vehicles for more than 34 years. Among the cars and motorcycles he has encountered professionally have been models he cheered on in races as a child. Like the iconic BMW 328, a car Klaus had always been a big fan of – and one he had dreamed of owning some day.

A very special car.

Built between 1936 and 1940, the BMW 328 is celebrated as one of the greatest cars in automotive history. In its debut competitive appearance – the Eifelrennen at the legendary Nürburgring – it took first place in the 2.0 litre class. In 1937, the 328 amassed more than 100 class wins at all the important races of the time. And in 1940, the 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupé won the Mille Miglia with an average speed of 166.7 km/h.

In 2004, that exact car became the first to do the original/modern-day Mille Miglia double.

Persistence leads to success.

27 years ago, after decades of searching, Klaus finally tracked down a BMW 328 – in Bucharest, Romania. The car was in terrible shape, so he took it apart before shipping it home to Munich.

For the next five years, he worked on restoring his precious find together with a friend and fellow BMW 328 owner. Thanks to Klaus’ access to the BMW archives and simple photography, they were able to perfectly replicate the damaged parts.

Klaus’ research on his car revealed it had been raced by a Romanian driver back in the day. After all those years, Klaus finally had his very own BMW 328 – and one with genuine racing heritage, too.

He knows what he is talking about.

Today, Klaus represents the BMW Group Classic in all matters relating to classic car purchase, expert evaluation and restoration. Klaus has come to know many of his international customers well; they are like a family of happy BMW enthusiasts, who find the support they need at BMW Group Classic.

Klaus has had a hand in many great projects, like the legendary restoration of the Elvis Presley’s BMW 507. But the five-year restoration of his own BMW 328 has done most to develop Klaus’ knowledge. This personal experience has helped him to understand and assist his clients, no matter what they need.

Whenever he takes his wife out for a ride in his perfectly restored BMW 328, Klaus cannot suppress a smile. All that hard work, time and dedication he invested was worth it, all the joy he is now feeling is the reward.

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