In 2017, the International Mini Meeting - the 39th - will be held in Ireland for the second time. Over 100 clubs will be celebrating a legendary car that packs a real punch behind its round headlamps, and still refuses to grow up. From 25 to 29 May 2017, Westport House in Mayo on the west coast of Ireland will be hosting a huge party. We will be there with a Mini Classic marquee. And what is more, we're bringing a classic Mini from Munich.

Mayo County is a popular holiday region on Ireland's green west coast, and an ideal travel destination. As its name suggests, Westport is a harbour town situated right next to the Atlantic Ocean. Dublin Airport is only three and a half hours' drive away by hire car. It's well worth the trip, because all fans of the classic or modern Mini will have an unforgettable time there.

Let’s have a party!

Mini enthusiasts really know how to party, and are so laid-back – just like the Mini. The meeting is organised by the Irish Mini Owners' Club (formed in 1989). Over 100 clubs from all over the world will be there to display themselves and their lovingly tended cars – a unique experience. Age is irrelevant – whole families will be coming, often with three generations under one (sheet-metal) roof. A wide variety of events and facilities featuring live music, party and catering marquees, presentations by the Mini clubs and activities for children ensures that no one will get bored. 

Unusual, rare, funky – but still a Mini.

Choosing the best-looking, quirkiest and fastest models is one of the many highlights. Of course, there will also be a parts and accessories stall, and it is likely to be as well-stocked as ever. The new generations of the Mini family have long been embroidered in the classic Mini's rich tapestry. Since the relaunch in 2001, they themselves have enjoyed an eventful history.

Road Trip to Westport.

Small cars are only good for small journeys? Nonsense. To prove it, we will be getting into a white classic Mini in Munich and not taking our foot off the pedal until we arrive at the meeting in Westport, Ireland. Well, that's not strictly true; we will be visiting a few Mini clubs en route, and illustrator Steve Simpson will be painting the car on the way. After the IMM weekend, it will be both colourful and unique.

The MINI Classic team will be having our own marquee at the IMM from 26 to 28 May 2017, and look forward to meeting lots of visitors. 

See you in Westport, Ireland!