Not everyone wants to enjoy the here and now. Indeed, a penchant for living in the past marks out a true classic car fan – which makes the Goodwood Revival Meeting one of the highlights of the year. Held annually in September on the Earl of March’s estate in Goodwood, England, this world-famous festival of motor sport is firmly rooted in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. And it isn’t only the assembled gems of the car and motorcycle world that hark back to the era in question – the majority of visitors are decked out in clothing from the same period, lending the festival a historically authentic ambience at every turn. 

This year the Revival focuses on the 1950s, and BMW Group Classic will be lining up with its BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands to share in the occasion. “Back into the past, and don’t spare the horses!” will once again be the cry on 12 – 14 September 2014.

The Grand Tour – a feast for the eyes of classic car fans.

The Goodwood Revival Meeting 2014 will hit the ground roaring as the festival kicks off with a Grand Tour through the picturesque English countryside. This opening item on the Revival agenda promises a feast for the eyes the likes of which visitors have never experienced. As befits a classic car festival, the protagonists will be historical treasures of the automotive world – including a BMW 507 Roadster and BMW 328 open-top two-seater from BMW Group Classic. The Grand Tour concludes with a visit to the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood, where visitors will have the chance to experience the manufacture of the cars’ exquisite bodywork at close quarters.

March Motor Works – from showroom to WOWroom!

Roll up, roll up! The March Motor Works – a recreation of a period garage in 1950s Art Deco style – serves as a fascinating showroom at the Goodwood Revival 2014. BMW Group Classic will be represented here with a number of exhibits. Alongside its BMW 502 Coupé and BMW 503 Convertible, a V8 engine will also enjoy a stage of its own as BMW embraces its V8 heritage. Elsewhere, Mini will be devoting its attentions to the legendary Monte Carlo Rally, where its cars recorded a string of victories. Visitors can admire a trio of winning Minis and a mock-up workshop setting up close and personal. At Rolls-Royce, meanwhile, the subject of trim hogs the limelight – nowhere more so than in a replica workshop based around legendary body manufacturer Hooper & Co. Coachbuilders. Last, but certainly not least, BMW Motorrad has put together a historical scene replicating the packaging and dispatch of BMW Group Classic motorcycles in the 1950s.

The Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy – four routes to victory.

BMW Group Classic will line up for the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy once again in 2014, represented this year with four quite extraordinary BMW racing motorcycles: a BMW RS 54, BMW R5 SS, BMW R5 and BMW R63. The expected roster of riders reads as follows: Wolfgang Meier and Daniela Weingartner on the RS 54, Sebastian Gutsch and Troy Corser on the R 5 SS, Klaus Ottillinger and Helmut Dähne on the R5, and Claus Clausen and Maria Costello on the R63.

RevivalFest – Bavaria comes to England.

Bavarian specialities and a beer-fest atmosphere at the heart of the Goodwood Revival? No, your senses will not be deceiving you: BMW Classic is hosting an authentic Bavarian party in the BMW Group Classic Hospitality Area. Inspired by the Oktoberfest (due to get under way back home shortly after the Goodwood Revival has ended), the RevivalFest will invite guests to indulge in a spot of Bavarian conviviality. Cheers!