We are very proud of our clubs here BMW Group Classic because their commitment and enthusiasm are what epitomises the fascination of the BMW brand - the joy of driving in all its facets. This is why we invited the clubs to Munich to help us celebrate our anniversary.

It all starts on Saturday the 10th of September. The CLASSIC & CLUBS experience in the car park of the Olympiapark will be the ultimate BMW get-together with a huge array of models the likes of which have never been seen. We’ll be celebrating a unique festival with our clubs over more than 52,000 square metres. We're looking forward to meeting more than 3,000 official BMW club members from around the world - 1,000 of whom will be presenting their own vehicles - as well as stunning specimens from the BMW Museum. The group of participants couldn’t be more varied: they include regional clubs from Munich and the surrounding area, BMW Classic Club Estonia, the BMW Z8 club and will be bringing a fleet of modern beauties and classics on which to feast your eyes. It will be a unique parade of BMWs past and present and the ideal opportunity for fans to get together and share their passion.

Naturally, many prominent well-wishers and speakers will also be in attendance. Helmut Dähne, BMW motorbike legend will be there, as will Alpina boss Andreas Bovensiepen, the man behind many motorsport successes, as well as many others. Live music will be on hand to liven the mood and get us all in the party spirit.

If you can’t be there in person, don’t worry, there will be lots of pictures and reports on the BMW Group Classic’s social media channels. Simply head over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

There are activities suitable for the entire family alongside the Olympia car park, such as the BMW VISION NEXT 100 exhibition at BMW Welt which will provide a fascinating insight into the future of the BMW Group. There will also be a large-scale concert in the Olympia hall in the evening featuring Lena Meyer-Landrut, Sunrise Avenue and many other fantastic artists. Thomas Gottschalk will also be there to lead the evening.

There will also be a weekend-long anniversary exhibition in the BMW Museum (9th - 11th of September) entitled “100 Years of Masterpieces”, providing a unique insight into the company’s exciting 100-year history.

That makes at least 100 reasons to come along and celebrate with us. We look forward to seeing you.