The king is back.

Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 is heading back home to the USA for a visit. This sensational find is being presented in Pebble Beach following extensive restoration work - a world première on some very exclusive turf.

Pebble Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful golf resorts in the world. Located in a stunning spot in Carmel Bay, it boasts impressive views over the Pacific and a mild and pleasant climate. Since 1950, golf buggies are banished once a year from the well-tended lawns to make room for the rarest, most beautiful and unusual cars spanning all the ages. After Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Italy, Pebble Beach is the best known and most important concours around. Its location and size make it unique, as do the high ambitions of the participants and enthusiasm of the spectators.

Home again.

This all makes it the ideal location to present this special automobile with its very unique back story. Elvis bought his BMW 507 while carrying out military service in Germany and drove it many miles until they both returned home to the US at the end of his army duties. He then sold the car and it had to endure hard times being used as a racing car by various subsequent owners. In 1968, it finally came into the hands of Jack Castor, a Californian car enthusiast who dreamt of restoring it one day. However, Jack was no millionaire and a full restoration was beyond his means. But even he did not know it had a famous owner; Jackie Jouret, a car enthusiast, did the necessary sleuthing to find out which legend had once owned the vehicle. Her discovery then became somewhat of a sensation.

So, this unique BMW 507 is set to return to the USA - the erstwhile home of Elvis Presley - to Pebble Beach to be more exact, where it can be fully appreciated by its expert and unique audience. This famous location is only a few miles away from Half Moon Bay, where Jack Castor had been keeping the car for a number of decades. Jack sadly passed away in 2014, but we can be certain that the BMW 507 is exactly how he envisaged it as he dreamt of restoring the car.

After more than two years of painstaking and meticulous restoration, completing the vehicle has been a very emotional and touching occasion for all concerned.

100 years of the BMW Group.

There will be countless test runs on the legendary Laguna Seca racetrack, such as the BMW 3.0 CSL #25 - winner at the Sebring raceway in 1975 - and the McLaren F1 GTR #39 (Le Mans). At 3.6 kilometres, it may be a short track, but it is more than up for the challenge - it bears very little resemblance to the oval-shaped raceways so beloved by the Americans. It features a particularly tricky downhill-plunging left turn known as the corkscrew.

Clubs welcome.

BMW Group Classic is particularly looking forward to hearing from local BMW clubs. Clubs and their members are very important to us, which is why we are using this opportunity to celebrate with the BMW Car Club of America (CCA) in the days leading up to Oktoberfest. After all, there is certainly plenty to celebrate this time round.
California, here we come.