The luminous orange jar of creme21 moisturising cream was a cult item found in almost every German household in those garish 1970s. The German pop music programme Disco beamed out from new-fangled colour televisions (with presenter Ilja Richter calling out his catchphrase “Spotlight on!”), flokati rugs kept floors warm and photographic wallpaper was an absolute must. It was a time for being loud, flashy and very colourful, and if the family car had a bright, ideally metallic paint finish, so much the better.

The name of the moisturiser has in recent years been adopted by a rally for young classics celebrating the style of the seventies – an era of flares and psychedelic patterns, big moustaches and sideburns, magnificently over-the-top advertising, spacehoppers and headbands. BMW Group Classic will be taking a BMW M1 to this year’s edition of the rally. The super sports car, which is celebrating its 40th birthday, will be accompanied by the futuristic-looking BMW K1 and intensely sporty R 80 G/S. A thrilling BMW 3.0 CSL Coupe (E9), a BMW 323i and a BMW Z3 Roadster 2.8 will also be in attendance, and the line-up wouldn’t be complete, of course, without the classic Mini that starred in the Road to IMM 2018 event in Portugal.

BMW Group Classic is one of the sponsors supporting the 17th creme21 rally. This festival of young classics is sure to serve up yet another feast of light-hearted nostalgia with its entertaining and highly original special stages. The rally has long been a fixture of the classic calendar and will be showcasing seventies lifestyle on wheels from 12 – 16 September this year.

Visit creme21rallye.de for more information.