Wild, colourful, wacky – that’s how we remember the 1970s. At least, those of us who were young at the time do, or those whose parents talked about it. And it is exactly that era in which the creme21 youngtimer rally has its origins, extending into the 1980s and even achieving cult status in its own right. Immersed in the deep orange of a radiant sunrise, the participants are sent off on a journey through time into a world of colour explosions, bell-bottoms and plastic jewellery. The creme21 is supported by the BMW Group Classic.

However, we do have some bad news: the next creme21 from 13 to 17 September 2017 is completely booked out and no more registrations will be accepted. To get a start position for the 1,000-kilometre loop that runs across Germany and through neighbouring countries, entrants had to register early. Even if the focus is on fun, the creme21 is no coffee run! Although you do need a little stamina and perseverance, you don’t necessarily have to have professional rally equipment like Tripmaster or a rally sheet for leg averages.


The opportunity to join the ride is of course enhanced by the originality of the youngtimers. The creme21 boasts an extremely varied field of participants every year. Besides the well-known icons of the 1970s and 1980s, unusual and exotic specimens that have not been seen in ages also come and show their stuff, much to the delight of the spectators. The only condition apart from their year of manufacture is that the cars must be in their original condition.


A new feature this year is the pre-opening at Bilsterberg in Weserbergland, which takes place on 12 September 2017. With 44 rises and drops, 19 curves, a 26 per cent elevation and up to 21 per cent descent, the 4.2-kilometre circular course is a clear indication of what is to come; it’s also a wonderful kick-off to show what participants were capable of in the past and gives them room to prove that they have not forgotten how to do it. But this is not a race, and no helmets are required.


For those who think they know Germany well – you are in for a pleasant surprise! The creme21 traditionally follows charming byways that most people have never driven on before. Even their special tests are something quite unique, as they are as imaginative as the olden-day advertising that promised that flower-power feeling that went on for miles and miles, which they said only flying could beat. Five days in orange, a rally as there has never been and will never be again.

We look forward to getting stuck into the next creme21!