What sort of rally is it then? No cars that are more expensive than 1,111 euros or younger than 20 years old. But 5,555 kilometres from Oberstaufen in Allgäu to your destination of Amman in Jordan. No motorways allowed. Or navigation devices. Otherwise, you are free to choose your route. You can only sleep in a tent or in very cheap hostels. There’s a camel to win. Yeah, a real one, that’s not just a figure of speech. You will notice that the Allgäu-Orient Rally 2017 requires more than just professional motorsport experience. It requires a bit a humour. This is exactly why the BMW Group Classic is also supporting Team 5ever.

Not every crazy idea has what it takes to be repeated every year. This one easily pulled it off. As it wasn’t just crazy, it was great fun too. Going on a really far, adventurous trip with old used cars that aren’t yet quite in the price range of highly sought-after classics, well away from carriageways, luxury hotels and navigation satellites. Driving yourself, doing your own repairs and being in a team of three, until you reach your distant destination. Sounds good. What else are you going to tell the grandkids one day?


Team 5ever is made up of six young drivers that bring everything to the table you could possibly need for a long-distance rally. Adil Sbai is coordinating, as someone eventually has to say what’s what or when nothing’s working. Regina Herz is reading the maps, Sebastian Schulz is taking photos and filming, Sofia Wieczorek is keeping everyone in high spirits and is also looking after the social media side of things, while Julia Hiltrop is blogging and wants to make the sandwiches. Last but not least is Andreas Zachai. As a musician, he is just indispensable for a great end to evenings round the campfire.


Three BMW 5 Series Touring cars from the E34 model range, that should be just fine. They are spacious and comfortable, meanwhile, they are cheap to buy used. Sometimes very cheap, as that’s just what’s required. True contenders then, for which the six intrepid adventurers get driving training and a crash course in repairs, as well.


The start is on 7 May 2017 in Oberstaufen in beautiful Allgäu. The destination is Amman in Jordan. In between all this, there are special tests and tasks that should definitely keep them busy for around three weeks. That’s certainly the case for everyone who’s following the 5ever team on Facebook, their blog, or on Instagram. Amongst others, the route goes through Turkey, Israel, and finally Jordan. Flexibility is an advantage, as the political situation can change quickly. However, this should be the least of your problems. It’s expected to get a lot tougher for the victorious team later on. As you know, they win a fully-grown camel. It’s not going to fit in a standard-size German garage, no matter how hard you try. That’s still 5,555 kilometres away.

What’s so nice about that? It’s not the victory that counts, being there is everything.

PS: You can already look forward to the film that will be available to watch on YouTube after this year’s rally. You can also follow the adventure on our BMW Group Classic Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/BMW.Classic) each week from 6 April 2017.