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Page Overview: BMW Group Classic: Rallye creme21
BMW 325i from 1991 at creme21 rally.



A rally of modern classic cars like a flashy advertisement from the seventies. Bright colours, crazy fashions and equally mad cars – their effects can still be felt today. The 13th creme21 rally took contestants from Mulhouse to Munich, where BMW is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Rallies are usually named after their starting location or their destination. Both choices are understandable, but a skin cream popular in Germany in the 1970s that has been on and off the shelves ever since? What does that have to do with cars? Plenty – if your aim is to convey a certain lifestyle that finds expression in wild colours and lively fashions. Creme21 is one of the world’s craziest rallies for modern classic cars and BMW Group Classic has been the main sponsor since 2015.

Experience it up close and personal.

With BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, it seemed an ideal opportunity for creme21 to head to Munich. The BMW Group Classic’s latest addition back on the company’s historic premises thus became the waypoint for Saturday’s local stage of the race. The BMW Festival was also taking place with Munich celebrating 100 years of BMW – with a cheerful modern-classic car race as the cherry on top of the proverbial cake.

Childhood sweetheart.

Creme21 opens a window into the recent past with its competitors racing mostly in vehicles constructed between 1970 and 1990, although cars outside these dates are also welcome, such as a BMW 2002 from 1968 and a BMW 325i from 1991. The idea behind the rally came in 2001 from four car enthusiasts in Oldenburg who loved the cars from their youth but were disappointed at how infrequently they featured in classic car races - they were not even thirty years old which made them much too ‘modern’ for the organisers. VW Karmann Ghia, Ford Taunus and Opel Rekord C – the rally was intended to remind us of everyday automotive heroes who had recently passed from the public eye.

This is the reason for naming it creme21 – a product that seems to encapsulate a great deal of the ‘70s and that people look back on with fond memories. The number 21 was not only a nod to the new century, but also to the minimum driving age, which was only reduced to 18 in 1975.

It begins in France.

This year, the rally started in Mulhouse at the Cité de l'Automobile. Competitors then headed to Freiburg im Breisgau, on to Kirchzarten to the Museum Volante and then to Friedrichshafen past the Dornier-Museum. From there they set their sights on Munich as they sped through the beautiful landscapes and picturesque views.

There were of course lots of unusual and wacky teams again, with out-of-the-ordinary vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers – Porsche, Opel, Mercedes through to Beetle-style Bugatti replicas. Ernie and Bert even took part as passengers, even though Sesame Street didn’t seem to feature in the planned route.

It is difficult to capture the unique charm of this special event, but we have tried to do just that with a selection of photos and a film. So if you could not be there in person, you won’t have to miss out on the highlights and some of the funnier trials.

Get ready for a rally like no other – creme21!


Creme21 Rally – September 2016.