From May 2019, the Wheels & Weißwürscht series of classic vehicle meets will once again seek to uncover the treasures dreaming of summer in enthusiasts’ garages. We have been true to our word (despite early scepticism from some quarters) that badge affiliation would matter not a jot. Indeed, enjoying old metal together – and learning a thing or two in the process – is the name of the game here. If that weren’t enough, each classic vehicle in attendance (single-cylinder bike, turbocharged car and everything in between) earns its owner a voucher for a pair of Weißwürscht sausages and a pretzel.

So just how do you go about assembling a courtyard-full of super-cool classics? While we’d like to say it’s all about the quality of snack and warmth of welcome laid on by our good selves, the credit has to go to the enthusiasm of the classic car owners taking part. We wanted spectacular, and you have delivered it. There have been Beatles, “Ducks” (2CVs, in case you were wondering), “Gallic Goddesses” (Citroën DSs) and “Leukoplastbombers” (Lloyd 300s), plus a sprinkling of street racers and pocket rockets. And it has been great to usher “step front” Alfas, “dog-bone” Escorts and “rubber boat” MGs into our home along with “Gelsenkirchener Baroque” Taunus P2s and Mercedes-Benz “Pagoda” SLs. Where the nicknames of the cars vary in nature, the cordiality of their owners has remained unfailingly high.

Repeat custom.
Max-Josef is a fine example of the W&W alumni – and was very nearly ever-present at our 2018 events. His silver Alpina B10 develops a mighty 340 hp and hails from Japan – as does a blue BMW 635 CSi he also calls his own. The Japanese are big fans of a well maintained motor, and tend to keep journeys short and speeds low. All of which makes the eyes of bargain-hunters like Max-Josef light up.
“I love the relaxed atmosphere here and the many enjoyable conversations I can have with like-minded people,” he says, burying the throttle. The affable Bavarian already has an eye on his next Japanese discovery.

The next generation.
At a youthful 26, Andreas is a bona fide “digital native” – i.e. a member of the generation who, it is said, would pass up a driving licence for a 20-euro flight to Barcelona, and for whom cool cars are the virtual preserve of PlayStation. But that ignores his 2006 MINI Cooper S GP1, which is very real – albeit also very rare; just 250 examples of this limited-run car were imported into Germany.
“It’s a bit of an undiscovered star,” beams Andreas proudly. And Wheels & Weißwürscht has been the perfect place to show the MINI off. “I really like the respectful and friendly feel at the events. Young and old are welcome – and that’s both the cars and the owners.”
With that, he’s off for a test drive in a Fiat Abarth, whose owner he has only just met. Cue plenty of loud, cramped, stiffly sprung amusement.

Classic stars of the world unite.
And there are plenty more where Andreas came from. Susanne has had the chassis number of her Porsche Carrera tattooed onto her arm. Markus likes to hustle his E30 M3 around the Nürburgring of a Sunday. Peter has daubed “forever young” in French on his how-low-can-you-go Alpine A110. Jens has restored his BSA with his own hands. And Jürgen keeps trips out in his Z8 to a premium, the car’s low mileage as alluring as ever. We think you guys are wonderful!                                                                                               

Ready to go again in May 2019.
The new season of Wheels & Weißwürscht begins on 4 May 2019, from when we will open the gates to BMW Group Classic at Moosacher Straße 66 in the north of Munich on every first and third Saturday of the month. Through the summer, all the way to October, our “cars & coffee” events with a difference will greet all custodians of cared-for classics – be that cars or motorcycles, regardless of brand – with the warmest of welcomes.

So charge the battery, dust off the paintwork, treat your pride and joy to a helping of fresh oil – and look forward to the W&W season to come.

Needless to say, the sausagey snacks will once again be on us.

The painstakingly restored original BMW factory on Munich’s Moosacher Straße is now home to BMW Group Classic – and provides the perfect setting for a very special classic vehicle meet.

A “full-size” Chrysler lines up alongside a pair of Ferraris and a BMW Z3 M Roadster. Boundless variety of this kind brings an extra pleasure factor to classic vehicle get-togethers.

Treasures from the BMW Group Classic vaults were presented outside the workshop halls at each of the W&W events in 2018. Pictured in the foreground here are the legendary E30 BMW M3 and a BMW R 75/5.

Cult-mobile no. 1. The VW Bulli T1 has long since enjoyed iconic status and values have risen to legendary heights. Pictured is a super-low, powerfully-engined representative of that Californian attitude to life. 

The BMW Isetta is essential viewing at any classic car meeting, and the example pictured here etched a smile onto the faces of everyone present. The Isetta is arguably the most beloved of all 1950s microcars.

Max-Josef Holzmüller attended almost every Wheels & Weißwürscht in 2018. Here, he proudly shows off his 340 hp Alpina B10 – a beautifully turned-out Japanese import.

Fit for true connoisseurs: a Renault Alpine A110 joins a Porsche 911, a BMW M1, two 3 Series gems (in E30 and E21 guises), a BMW 2002 Alpina, a VW Golf Mk 1 GTI and a BMW Z8.

Andreas Milkutat’s MINI Cooper S GP1

Andreas Milkutat’s MINI Cooper S GP1 is a classic in waiting. Built in 2006 as one of only 250 examples imported into Germany, the MINI racer was sent to Bertone in Italy for final assembly.